Нужна тема по английскому keeping fit

Нужна тема по английскому keeping fit

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    Recipes for Keeping Fit

    We all need exercise. This is as true for young people in their teens as it is for adults from 20 to 80. Regular exercise temporarily tires the body but then actually gives you more energy. This is why many people who suffer from general tiredness can benefit from taking more exercise rather than more rest (as long as there are no medical reasons for their fatigue).
    Exercise makes you feel and look better and can also help you to lose weight because it burns up fat or food to produce energy.
    In the past, most people used to get enough exercise in their working lives to stay reasonably fit. But nowadays nearly everyone especially those who sit down most of the day should make a conscious effort to set time aside for regular exercise. The important thing is to know what kind of exercise is suitable for you. It is best to start with mild exercise and to build up gradually. Here are some useful general rules.
    1. Exercise until you are pleasantly tired. Dont exercise until you become exhausted. This can do you more harm than good if you arent used to regular and prolonged exercise. In other words, «Train, dont strain!»
    2. Exercise until you have a feeling of mild breathlessness. But dont exercise until you are so breathless that you cant even talk.
    3. Take short exercise periods of 15-20 minutes. Four or five times a week should be enough.
    4. The best time for exercise is usually in the earlier part of the day. In the evening it may be better to relax.
    5. Unless you are very fit, you should not try to lift very heavy weights. Your muscles should be able to move freely. The best all-round exercise involves repeated, easy movements: walking, jogging, swimming and cycling are all good examples. Also, exercises such as bending and stretching which help you to move freely and easily are much better than exercises which only make you strong, such as push-ups and weight-lifting.
    You should soon begin to feel the results of regular exercise and will enjoy these benefits. These benefits are:
    Improved physical and mental energy at work or at school.
    Improved sleep and easier relaxation.
    Improved physical appearance a trimmer, better figure.
    Less risk from illness and disease as you get older.

    Do You Know How to Keep Fit?

    Nobody likes to be fat and clumsy. We enjoy watching famous athletes, their strong and graceful bodies. But you must be prepared to make effort if you want to be beautiful and healthy. You should develop healthy habits. One factor is physical exercise. Those who go in for sports regularly are cheerful, active people full of energy.
    Another factor is healthy feeding habits. You shouldnt keep a strict diet, but you mustnt eat too much. Its a good thing to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. They give you vitamins. The muscle system needs protein because it is mostly made of protein itself. There is a lot of protein in milk, eggs, fish, and meat. You should cut down on cakes, sweets, chocolate, potatoes, beer and other foods rich in calories.
    As well as food your body needs rest. The best form of rest is sleeping in time.
    Take care of yourself.
    Keep fit.

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